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There Are A Lot of Reasons to Purchase the Earthworks Brand

We Use Standardized European Extracts

Herbal ingredients found in U.S. products are grown and processed in many different countries, each with their own regulatory systems. In Europe, herbal extracts are regulated as medicines. European standardized extracts are generally the highest quality available on the global market. Quality is controlled from the farm to the pharmacy. Extracts are tested and must adhere to standards that include testing for impurities, heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides to ensure these are kept within safe limits. Because of their classification as medicines, European extracts simply have a higher level of quality. We are proud to offer the world’s best herbal extracts in our EARTHWORKS line.

Independent laboratory analysis of finished products

EARTHWORKS products are routinely tested in independent laboratories to ensure that what is promised on the label is what you are getting in the bottle. In this day of rampant herbal adulterations, quality testing provides you with a purity guarantee and peace of mind.

Loyalty Rewards

Customers who join our Loyalty program receive DOUBLE LOYALTY POINTS when they purchase EARTHWORKS products. If you aren’t a member of our LOYALTY PROGRAM yet, you should be! Watch your points add up, and SAVE on everything when you cash in your points at the register.

Competitive Pricing

With the use of European extracts, you can be sure our quality is just as good or even better than the more expensive national brands. You’ll see the difference in the price you’ll pay at the register. During one of our featured sales, we may offer the entire line at 20% or 25% off our standard price. So, if you find a formula you like, you can stock up and save even more.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

The EARTHWORKS private label is manufactured in a LEED compliant, energy-efficient facility. The plant’s Energy Recovery System is 40% more efficient than traditional manufacturing plants. The facility utilizes a MERV air filtration system to produce clean air, and uses no hydrocarbons, reducing the footprint on the ozone layer.