Dave’s Top Picks

Dave’s Top Picks

When people visit Mother Earth Foods, very often, they are trying to handle a particular condition and are looking for a natural product to help. Over the last three decades that I have practiced herbalism, I have come to rely on a number of core products. I find myself recommending them again and again because they provide overall support for the body’s main systems and relieve a broad spectrum of ailments. I hope you’ll take advantage of this hard-won knowledge and look into a few of these products featured here.
Healthy Regards,
Dave Hawkins

Sucontral D

by Terry Naturally

Healthy Blood Sugar

Triple Diet Max

by Irwin Naturals

Healthy Weight Loss


by Dave Hawkins

Our Exclusive Line

Alive! Multivitamin

by Nature’s Way

Whole Food Supplement


by Purelife

Stress Relief


by Terry Naturally

Natural Pain Relief

Brain Awake

by Irwin Naturals

Boost Brain Performance & Production


by Nature’s Way


AM/PM Formulas

by Enzymatic Therapy

For Menopause & Perimenopause


by Natural Factors

Weight Loss Supplement

Neural Balance

by Spectrum Research Group

The Key to Calm



Advanced Collagen Generator

Immunity Builders

by Terry Naturally

Build Your Immune System