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June 14, 9 AM
ENCORE SHOW from 3/29/17
Your Guts, Your Brain and Pain
The health of your gut and its microbiome have a big influence on your energy, mood and overall health. We welcome Dr. Frank King back to the show to discuss the root causes behind such large numbers of people taking pain medications, and the common and not-so-common symptoms that poor gut health can trigger. Learn some easy but important steps you can take to restore intestinal balance.

As a researcher, lecturer, whole-health practitioner, author of the book, The Healing Revolution, and the founder of King Bio, Dr. Frank King has a tireless passion for natural health and empowering people to reach optimal health and wellness. Dr. King’s 40-year career as a natural healer is all about equipping YOU in YOUR Healing Revolution.

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Have been using this store for years. Been there for as long as I can remember. Very useful products that actually work. I have recommended this store to others for many years. I know many who shop here and all have only good things to say. Thanks for being here.

Marie Jones

They’ve done the research!

I love this store! I can always count on them to have a healthy, safe alternative. It is a huge relief to walk into a store and buy whatever you want without having to worry about if you’re ingesting poison. Also, the employees are always really helpful and knowledgeable about their products.

Brooke Proctor

Outstanding Staff!

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL STORE AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. As a new vegan, they were able to show me various foods and things to enjoy. They answered all my questions with a smile and made me feel important. GREAT GREAT PLACE.

Robert Tichnell Jr.

Great business with great people!

We have done business with Mother Earth Foods almost since its inception. I have seen a lot of changes through the years. All of them working toward offering more products and services for their customers. They research the products they sell and only sell the best. Anytime I have gone in asking for a product for a particular issue, the employees could steer me toward what I needed to address that issue I was having. As far as I am concerned this is the ONLY true health food store in our area. They will always have my continued patronage. Thank you for striving to provide the best for your customers.

Joanne Clem