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Iridology – A Diagnostic Technique to the Windows to the Soul

I became interested in iridology, pronounced (eye-ri-dology), many years ago. This diagnostic technique is a valuable way to assess the tissue integrity of the body and is used to determine the level of dysfunction in the many organ systems of the body. This is not a new technique and is presently on the upswing with many complimentary and conventional practitioners. This article will give a good understanding of what iridology is all about and how to assess the level of abilities of the iridologist.

What is iridology? The science and practice is performed by analyzing the iris (the colored potion) and the sclera (the white of the eye). The iris reveals body constitution, inherent weakness, levels of health, and the transitions that take place in the person’s body according to how one lives.

The iris represents a communication system that handles large quantities of information. It is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the nervous system. Through the optic nerve, which are attached to the eyes, vision data is sent to the brain. But the eye works both ways the nerves also relate back information about what is going on in the body.

Iridology reveals the level of health and the presence of tissue inflammation in the body, where it is located and what stage of degeneration. There are four levels of degeneration, acute, sub acute, chronic and degenerative.

This is not a new diagnostic technique. Ancient China records exist that show the use of iris diagnosis as far back as 1000 B.C., nearly 3000 years ago. In the bible, St. Luke writes that Christ said. “The lamp of the body is the eye. When your eyes are sound, you have light for the whole body, but when your eyes are bad, you are in darkness.” The physician Philippus Meyens in his 1670 book Physiognomia Medica he described the organ divisions of the iris according to body regions. In 1881 a Hungarian doctor, Dr. Ignaz von Pecezly published a book entitled Discovery In Natural History And Medical Science, A Guide To The Study And Diagnosis From The Eye. This book achieved international renown and he is considered the father of modern iridology. Today iridology is practiced worldwide. Two pioneers are Dr. Bernard Jensen of the USA and the late Joseph Deck of Germany.

What are the perimeters of this technique? How does the iridologist know what is going on in the eye? It is fascinating what the eye can reveal. The practitioner uses charts that have been developed over a period of 150 years. These charts have there basis in empirical observation and the obvious changes seen as one changes negative lifestyle habits. They are based on a systematic layout or map of the organs and where they appear in the iris fiber structure of the eye. This is also a way for the practitioner to see if the person is responding to the therapy. It lets you know if the therapy is correcting the body in a positive way.

The iridologist measures the reflex tissue to see if it is active, inflamed or lacks nutrition. He can also detect toxins, catarrh, and other degenerative areas. Iridology and nutrition are intricately connected. All disease conditions have a nutritional aspect to them and weak tissue has a tendency to show nutritional imbalance. To be properly aware of our health status, we must know where are strengths and weaknesses can be found. Once these are determined we can make lifestyle changes that will impact us, thus prevention of disease processes. Iridology provides a painless and economical means of looking into the body.

Because many have made claims about iridology that are ridiculous and untrue. The following is a list of what you can and can’t expect from iridology.


1.   Reveal constitutional strength. Are we built strong or weak? How well do we endure stress?
2.   Reveal the health level.
3.   Reveal nutritional and chemical needs. What elements are lacking and where?
4.   Reveal location of environmentally obtained toxins.
5.   Reveal the quality of nerve force and what is the condition of the nervous system.
6.   Reveal the response to treatment, how fast the body heals and at what rate.
7.   Reveal over acid levels in the body.
8.   Reveal the whole body as a unified structure and it’s overall health.


1.   Iridology does not name diseases. Often there are situations and conditions that develop long before any symptoms appear in the disease process.
2.   It does not reveal operations performed under anesthesia. Nerve impulses are short circuited under these conditions.
3.   It does not reveal pregnancy, because it is a normal process.
4.   It does not reveal gallstones.
5.   It is not a psychic analysis.
6.   Iridology cannot tell what accident occurred but what tissue was damaged.
7.   It cannot tell specific pathology in the body.
8.   It cannot pinpoint the location of parasites, germites or bacterial invasion. It does show the conditions of tissue and if it is conducive to these invasions.

Iridology is a whole new branch of science. It is a holistic tool. It takes many years of study and practice to be able to read the eyes. There are limited schools in the United States for training but that is changing quickly. One of Dr. Jensen’s books Iridology- The Science And Practice In The Healing Arts gives a very indepth understanding of this diagnostic tool. When someone’s tells you they can read eyes be sure to ask questions pertaining to their training and the length of time they have been studying eye. And always be sure to take all information and process it for your own self.

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