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Castor Oil Pack

How do You Make a Castor Oil Pack?


You will need castor oil and clean (boiled or laundered) cotton or wool flannel cloth.

> Fold the cloth to make a pack size to fit over the affected area.

> Saturate it with castor oil, which can be preheated if desired.

> Place the pack over the desired area and cover with a piece of plastic wrap.

Wrapping an ace bandage around the pack can help hold it in place if needed.

> Place a heating pad over the wrap/pack. (Using a towel will help protect bedding.)

> Allow the pack to remain in place for an hour or longer (but AVOID falling asleep when the heating pad is on).

> Once pack is removed, clean skin with a solution made of 1 teaspoon of baking soda in water.

Between uses, store cloth in a cool place in a sealed plastic bag or container. Wash cloth as needed and discard when you want.

Use the pack daily or on a regular cycle until desired results are obtained.

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