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Aging – A Supplement Plan as We Grow Older

An age-old problem for all of us is aging. It is inevitable that we will grow older; but does that mean we have to experience poor health? With the general populace living longer, most of us hope to work toward an active and healthy retirement where we can enjoy the fruits of our labors. Unfortunately, this does not happen for many of us. We understand that poor lifestyle habits contribute to declining health processes. The term degeneration means the tearing down of our bodies. It has been proven that degeneration has a specific organic process and that our lifestyle can contribute to it in a positive or negative manner. Life extension is a very fascinating area of research today and it is becoming more so with the baby boomers reaching the period in their life when certain ailments seem to be inevitable. Yes physiological changes are going to happen like vision problems, loss of memory, sexual dysfunction, loss of strength, changes in sleeping patterns, and poor digestion. I guess the question becomes when? Are there things you can do about? Let look at some of the ways that might offer some promise to an enhanced quality of life, as we get older.

When it comes to the aging process a common thread seems to be prevalent. Disruptions in general circulation, the ability to digest, assimilate, and eliminate waste, and to keep a high level of oxygen all become important issues.

Of course diet is critical. I recommend a whole foods dietary program including organic foods. Fresh vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds with reduced fats and heavy animal proteins. Fish and chicken if from high quality sources contribute to a good protein source. It is a well-known fact that as we age our digestive power decreases especially if we are used to a refined fast food lifestyle. I will recommend the use of digestive enzymes. This helps reduce gas and bloating and assures the proper breakdown of nutrients from foods. The next supplement I see beneficial is probiotics. These are life-giving bacteria that aid the digestive process. Probiotics help to produce substances that help to nourish the body. Remember that life begets life. I come from the school of vitalism that states that the vital force in our food, air and water are necessary to sustain our life. It is important to access the vitality of our foods.

The free radical theory of aging has merit in the fact that free radicals are generated from endo (internal) and exo (outer) toxins. Free radicals damage cellular tissues and are being implicated in cardiovascular disease as well as many types of cancer and other disease processes. How does one protect themselves from free radicals? With the use of anti-oxidants.

Part of a good supplement plan will include the use of antioxidants such as the basics. Vitamin E enhances the immune functions and protects against cancer, heart disease, and diabetes retinopathy and kidney disease. It is recommended that elderly take 800 i.u. Daily and it is important to make sure it is a natural E. It must say d-alpha tocopherol acetate or d-alpha tocopherol to be of value. Many companies mix natural with synthetic so beware.

Vitamin C also reduces the risk of age related disease processes. It has been shown to prevent heart disease and cancer, aid wound healing, and improve immune functions and tissue weakness.

The family of carotenoids helps to retard aging again by reducing free radical damage. Lutein helps with the eyes; lycopene helps with certain cancers like prostate cancer and macular degeneration, quercetin aids allergy, asthma and cancer.

One area that gets forgotten is the importance of mineral. Macro minerals as well as trace elements are necessary for proper glandular and cellular functions. Many of our enzyme systems rely on minerals. Magnesium is critical for over 300 functions in the human body. It calms the nerves, aids the adrenal functions and is instrumental in the production of cellular ATP, the fuel that each cell needs. Zinc is important for immunity by aiding the specialized t-cells that help to ward off cancer and other opportunistic bacteria. The mineral selenium aids the cardiovascular functions as well as aiding the livers ability to tear down poisons and has anti tumor properties.

Another supplement I feel is necessary for anyone is the substance Co-enzyme Q10. I have written about this supplement in detail before but it needs mentioned in this article. Co-Q10 helps aid cardiovascular oxygenation, lower cholesterol, assists immune functions, and helps energy production. Maintenance dosages would be from 60 mg to 100mg. Therapeutic dosages range from 100mg to 400mg depending on the situation. It is nontoxic.

So far I have mentioned specific nutrient that can have a preventive action on the aging process. Let’s look at a few herbals I feel are also important in maintaining proper body functions. Many of you are familiar with the herb gingko biloba. Gingko is specific in its action with cerebral insufficiency. it has been shown to open the capillaries to the frontal lobes of the brain thus aiding in sensorial and memory functions due to more oxygen getting into these tissue areas. Bilberry has known effects with he prevention of macular degeneration. Siberian ginseng is known to enhance the adrenal functions thus stabilizing stress and energy enhancement. Hawthorn berry is specific for cardiovascular function and ginger is a specific digestive aid.

As you can see there are many benefits with the use of natural supplements when it comes to aging. These are only the basics. I must stress the importance of diet, exercise, proper rest and adequate clean water when addressing any health situation. Aging is a part of life but it can be addressed in a positive manner. I must admit I have some good examples; my parents are well along in years and are very active with little to no health problems. I encourage you all to take your health into your own hands.

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