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Episode 202

Debra and Roxanne have fun with grains. They experiment with farro, amaranth (Amar-who?), Chinese black forbidden rice, kasha and teff. Guess which have lots of protein, which isn’t really a grain, and which of these are gluten-free? To whom was the forbidden rice forbidden???? Debra gets it wrong when she mentions Japan, it’s China.

Episode 203

Baby, it might be cold outside, but inside Debra and Roxanne have pots of soup (nuttin but organic, si vous plait) simmering. Aptly named, the “pay-the-mortgage-barley-lentil soup” can be made for pennies, leaving hard-earned dollars home and hearth. Then there’s a jazzy Cuban black bean soup and hearty corn chowder.

Episode 204

Got inflammation? Let’s cook with ginger and turmeric, and that’s what Debra and Michelle do making a chicken tagine, a napa blueberry salad, ginger cookies and fresh pineapple. Can you count the ways they use ginger and turmeric?

Episode 205

Debra and Robin divide and conquer when making some hearty lunch dishes. They make a lentil vegetable soup, roasted beets with walnuts and feta and a chicken fagioli salad (that’s Italian and means with beans, you know!)

Episode 206

Because Roxanne has such lovely skin, Debra decides they’re going to make food that feeds skin and keeps it youthful. They serve up wild salmon with black sesame seeds, a rice pilaf with nori, cucumber salad with a yogurt sauce and a California fruit salad with good-fat-rich nuts. Debra mentions that nutritional yeast helps prevent the breakdown of collagen.

Episode 207

Mixing by hand, Aya and Debra concentrate on foods that are warm, use fragrant spices and keep us from shivering when the nights are cold out there, baby. Cauliflower steaks with winter green pesto, a millet and quinoa pilaf with mushrooms, spice-is-nice cookies and a spicy tea too. Aya is an artist when it comes to presentation.

Episode 208

Debra and Connor take a metaphysical trip to Mexico in the Eat Well Be Happy kitchen by preparing food inspired by our neighbors south of the border: wild ricepurple potato pancakes, greens with pepitas and avocado; black beans with veggies and cheese and a Mexican fruit salad with a dollop of oh le chocolate mousse!

Episode 209

Debra and Jeff make some desserts that are (shush, keep it a secret) healthy. Eat Well Be Happy desserts are not only that, but amazing tasting, too. On the menu: cocoa chia pudding; oat almond nutella cookies; figs with honey and pine nuts; and lastly, brown and black sesame seed candies which Debra makes a mess of. Oh well.

Episode 210

Tom joins Debra in the kitchen to make three hearty entrees: A South American chicken stew with lots of vegetables; a Brazilian quinoa entrée with artichoke hearts; and an interesting soba noodle dish with seaweed flowers. Tom is positive that this dish will please anyone. He wants people to try seaweed and keep an open mind.